Thank you for booking with Oche Fortitude Valley, we can’t wait to host you. By making this booking you are entering an agreement with us, please read the booking terms and conditions below.


1.1 To confirm a booking, a non-refundable payment, in full, for your desired reservation is required (“Booking Deposit”). The booking payment link sent via email has an expiration date and non-payment will result in the reservation request being removed without notice as a result of it timing out.

1.2 Bookings are considered tentative until the agreed payment has been received which also confirms your acceptance of our booking terms and conditions.

1.3 Failure to complete the payment will result in your tentative reservation being removed.


2.1 Booking Deposit requirements:

2.1.1 Game play only – Full cost of game play

2.1.2 Exclusive space – 50% of minimum spend

2.1.3 Darts play & exclusive space – Full cost of games & 50% of minimum spend

2.2 Any pre-ordered food and drink needs to be paid 10 days in advance of the booking date.

2.3 If the minimum spend is not met on the day of your function, the remainder of the cost will be charged as ‘room hire’ to be paid at the conclusion of the event. No outstanding amount can be left at the end of the function. All payments must be settled on the event day.


3.1 Booking details, including food and drinks packages/requirements, final numbers and any ad-hoc requests must be provided to us, in writing, no later than 14 days prior to the event date. Failure to provide these details could result in us not being able to deliver your specific requirements.

3.2 Prior set-up for any event must be pre-arranged and confirmed with an allocated time slot by the venue. Set-up time is not guaranteed for all events held; however, we endeavour to collaborate with any reasonable requests.

3.3 If there is a request to increase the functions attendee numbers the venue will do all it can to adequately accommodate dependent on the area booked. Catering requests or changes within 7 days of the function date cannot be guaranteed.

3.4 If, in the opinion of Oche, it is necessary to employ additional security staff for the purpose of maintaining safety at any function to be held at the venue, the cost of employing such staff shall be added to the function charge, payable by the guest.


4.1 In the event of no shows on the day, game play cannot be transferred to food or beverage credit.

4.2 No refunds or monies transferred, can be deducted from the agreed booking totals.

4.3 If the final number of guests that are attending decreases, then the company at its sole discretion shall be entitled to move the event booking to the most appropriate area to accommodate.


5.1 Postponement for group sizes of 20 and below can be requested up to 72 hours prior to the event date. Rebooking of postponement must be done within 12 weeks. If the date comes up without contact from the guest, the payment will be forfeited.

5.2 Postponement for group sizes over 20 people can be requested up to 10 days prior to the event date. Rebooking of postponement must be done within 12 weeks. If the date comes up without contact from the guest, the payment will be forfeited.

5.3  Due to the nature of hospitality, if we are unable to start you on time, we may offer a later beginning to your game play. In this instance, you will always receive your full booking allocation, unless we are unable to do so which could result with an offer of a new date or refund, agreed

between both parties.

5.4 Oche Fortitude Valley does not take any responsibility for the weather on the day of your booking or natural occurrences which may affect your event as this is out of our control. We will do everything we can on the day to ensure a suitable location for your booking, but we cannot guarantee this.



6.1 Deposits are non-refundable.

6.2 Cancellation for function spaces must be requested in writing 4 weeks prior to the function date.

6.3 All game bookings are final and Oche will not provide any refunds or credits should you wish to cancel or reduce player numbers on your game booking within 4 weeks of the event date.

6.4 Cancellations can only be made via email –

6.5 If the Queensland Health Department enforces Oche to close due to COVID-19 restrictions, in the first instance, we will offer a postponement, valid for 12 weeks, post the lifting of restrictions.


7.1 Oche Fortitude Valley employees may in their absolute discretion refuse to serve alcohol or any other beverage containing alcohol to any persons under the age of eighteen years and those persons that they believe are affected by alcohol or other substances in accordance with RSA guidelines.

7.2 Oche is an 18+ venue and minors are not permitted.

7.3 Guests must adhere to the venue dress code policy, smart casual attire, no casual thongs and no singlets at all times. No site workwear after 6pm.

7.4 Property must be removed immediately after the conclusion of the event including all gifts, equipment and any other items that have been brought onto or had delivered for the event. Oche Fortitude Valley is not responsible for any loss or damage of gifts, equipment, and items whilst they are left on the premises. Items that are left without being collected will be disposed of within a 28 day period.


Agreeing to the booking means that the event booker acknowledges that they have read and understand these terms and conditions.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s have some fun!

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