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Just like dart’s history, one of its components, the dartboard has gone through major changes over the years. From what started as a throwing game against tree sections, the dartboard is now presented as a sleek circular board.

Elm dartboards were used by pub owners during the game’s early days. However, the need to soak an elm board every night to keep the holes closed proved to be a problem. It is now made from different types of modern materials. The dartboards available today are made of cork, paper, wood, plastic, and sisal fibres.

Although many insist that horse or camel hair is used in making dartboards, the material used is called sisal which comes from the agave sisalana plant. The material which closely resembles hemp is stiff enough to keep the darts in place. It is also flexible so that no holes will be visible after removing the dart. The material also proved to have a longer life expectancy and durability.

How Dartboards Are Made

In making the actual board, materials such as sisal are braide d or bundled together. The bundled or braided fibres are formed into paper-covered tubes and are cut into what’s known as biscuits. The biscuits will be held together by bands of steel. Some bands are covered with black-leather-like material to reduce the material’s reflectiveness.

The biscuits will be covered by glue and placed on a wooden backboard. Once done, the sisal will be compressed until it becomes perfectly round. The board will be sanded to remove loose sisal strands to prepare it for screen printing. Screen printing the finished biscuit gives the board a clean look. The final step is to wire the board and install the number ring.

Other Types of Dartboards


A cork dartboard is a low-cost and lightweight option. When it comes to its quality and durability, they are more similar to paper boards than bristle dartboards. They require little to no maintenance which is why they’re perfect for kids and beginners.


Another common material dartboards are made of is paper. It’s cheap, low-maintenance, and disposable. Paper dartboards are meant for recreation rather than professional use. Individuals planning to get a dartboard for regular use shouldn’t go for a paper dartboard.


Wooden dartboards are similar to the early elm boards. These dartboards are difficult to maintain. Since they’re made out of wood, they need to be moisturised regularly. Wooden boards are durable when maintained but more expensive to keep. This type of board is often used by nostalgic enthusiasts.

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