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How To Win At 501

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  • 22 Feb 2020

Arguably the most famous darts game on the planet is 501. At Oche, we have our own version called 201. It’s effectively the same game just dumbed down for the likes of us who are still pretty ordinary with the arrows.

When visiting Oche, not only will you get a range of games to play, but for the seasoned darts players, we’ve got the full length version of 501 sitting in our computers too. So never fear, for those of you who are used to hearing a crowd chant “One Hundred and Eighty”, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a quick reminder about what 501 looks like when you play it like a champ.

World Champion Michael Van Gerwen does it in 9 darts and doesn’t even get emotional.

The idea of this game is to start on 501 and work your way down to 0. Finishing on a double. How to win? Well that really depends on how good you are, or more importantly how lucky you are as you get down into the lower numbers.

Spend the first part of the game getting your eye in so that as you approach the tail end of the game, you want to set yourself up to finish like Van Gerwen. To finish like the champ, 81 points is the magic number. If you find yourself with 81 points left on the board then all you gotta do is hit a triple 19 (for 57) then a finish on Double 12 (for 24). Bob’s your Uncle, Robert’s your mother’s brother, game over you win! Race to the bar, order a bottle of champagne, pour it all over your head because you just finished like a champ!

Now that you’re all fired up to take on your friends at 501, Oche Fortitude Valley is ready to host you, your mates, your mum and your next door neighbour. With a full kitchen churning out dishes from lunch time every day, we can take proper care of you for the afternoon or evening. Book here to make the magic happen.

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