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Oche Singles Night

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  • 11 Feb 2020

Oche Fortitude Valley Singles Night Valentines Day 2020

It’s that one day of the year that splits the crowds. Some love it, others loath it. But in the marketing department at Oche HQ, a devilish plan was hatched. Sketched on the white board was this cryptic poem. 

“Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, How can we be the opposite to every other restaurant crew?”

The restaurant business is booked out for 2 tops on the 14th of February every year.  We know it, you know it, the whole industry knows it. Celebrating love with your nearest and dearest is all fine and dandy, and the restaurant industrial complex moves heaven and earth for one night of the year to split up as many tables as they can to offer you and your dearest an inch of privacy. 

And then there’s us. Sitting in the beautiful heritage listed building on Constance Street. We don’t exactly do “only couples”.  We’re a little large for that, and have way too much action packed space to offer. So instead of hustling for the “already in love’s”, we thought we should turn our joint into an Embassy for Singles. 

We’ve got the room, we’ve got the games, and the last time I checked, the bar was fully stocked with bubbles and chocolate. 

So if you’re one of the 800,000 singles in the city this Friday night, why don’t you come and spend it with us.  We’ve got our Oche Cupids ready to help introduce you to all sorts of wonderful and interesting people and the best thing about it, you get to hang out in smaller groups in one of our Oche Booths. You won’t be alone and our entertaining games mean you’ll all have a chance to win, no matter how shit you throw your darts! 

Who cares if you’re no good.  At Oche, the games provide an exciting time for all levels of dart player. We take the newbies, the armchair warriors, the amateur throwers, the left-handed chuckers, and the folks who fancy themselves as a half decent player. 

The booking department is taking your calls right now. 07 3556 1446

14th February, 7pm. $35 per person gets you a cocktail of your choice on arrival, plus access to one of our Oche Booths where there will be other fabulous singles just like you! For bookings and other inquiries, drop us a message at booking@oche.com.au. 

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