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Where Does The Name Oche Come From?

  • By Fortitude Valley,
  • 14 Mar 2020


Who knew that throwing what arguably looks like a missile onto a circular board would turn into a sport? From solid blocks of woods and cut down arrows, into electronic dartboards that are connected to scoring computers. You could definitely say the bar sport of darts has come a long way.

While the materials for this game have continued to evolve, the idea of how you should be playing this classic European bar sport remains the same – to unleash your inner archer and aim for triples!

Aside from the equipment, there are also some standards to follow when playing the game. For example, the playing dimension which was set by the World Darts Federation. When hanging a dartboard, the bullseye of the board should be 1.73m from the floor, and the player should throw from a line at least be 2.37m from it.

The line in which the players must stand behind in the game of darts is called the oche. The player has the option of toeing the oche with his/her toe all whilst leaning forward as far as they wish. 

Basically, the oche is the throw line. And we’ve picked that name up since we’re throwing this multiplayer game into the 21st century. We offer darts with a brand new gaming concept. To top it off, we have scrumptious offers at the bar to keep everyone cheery all night long.


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