Terms and Conditions

DASK Entertainment Brisbane Pty Ltd

DASK Entertainment Group are bringing social gaming to the next level … We are no ordinary food and beverage venue!  Our social gaming concepts include Oche and SHUFL. Oche brings innovative technology and real darts to the forefront, enabling a space for you and your guests to enjoy a competitive, social, and unique experience. We specialise in social gaming, so please ensure you read through our terms and conditions to better understand how we operate. We also have a FAQ on our website that provides information you may find useful before making your booking. 

1 Terms and Conditions 

1.1 Agreeing to the booking means that you acknowledge that you and your guests have read and understood these terms and conditions.

2 Minors and Identification

2.1 To ensure you comply with the rules and regulations under the Liquor Act 1992 and in accordance with RSA Guidelines please note;

  • Oche is an 18+ venue

  • Effective as of the 19th September 2022, minors are prohibited from entering the venue, including for the purpose of private events and functions.

  • Minors are classified as; anyone under 18 years of age (including teenagers, toddlers, and infants in prams)

2.2 Refunds or credit notes will not be provided for non-adherence to clause 2.1

3 Code of Conduct 

3.1 For the comfort and safety of our employees and guests, and to ensure we comply to the obligations under the Liquor Act 1992 and in accordance with RSA Guidelines, Oche management and employees;

  • are not permitted to serve alcohol or beverages containing alcohol to persons under the age of 18 years

  • may at their discretion, refuse to serve alcohol or any beverage containing alcohol to any persons believed to be adversely affected by alcohol or other substances

  • may remove unduly intoxicated and/ or disorderly guests from the venue

  • upon a conversation and notice from our management and/ or security teams

  • Will not provide refunds to guests who are asked to leave the premises due to a breach of our Code of Conduct guidelines

3.2 Upon request, Oche management can provide our;

  • House Policy

  • Liquor License

  • Risk Assessment Management Plan

Upon request, Oche management can provide our; 

House Policy

Liquor License

Risk Assessment Management Plan

4 Dress Code Policy 

4.1 A minimum dress standard of smart casual attire and footwear is always required.

4.2 Guests will be permitted into the venue if their overall appearance is deemed suitable for entry and does not include any prohibited items.

4.3 Prohibited items include;

  • Offensive, discriminatory, or derogatory clothing

  • Items or clothing that present a health or safety hazard

  • Facial or neck tattoos of an offensive nature

  • Symbols or logos that associate with gang or criminal activity

  • Rubber thongs after 6pm

  • Workwear that is soiled, ripped, and or dirty

 5 Security & Surveillance 

5.1 You will require valid identification and/ or proof of age to enter the venue.

5.2 Upon entering and during your stay, you may be filmed, photographed, or subjected to audio recording.

5.3 Video footage, images or audio recordings may be disclosed to Oche authorities, law enforcement and or associated bodies. Please refer to our privacy policy for further information.

6 Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas 

6.1 Smoking or vaping is not permitted within the premises except for in the designated outdoor smoking area.

6.2 A designated outdoor smoking area (DOSA) is located at the premises.

7 Enquiries 

7.1 Enquiries for Oche venues can be generated through our website via a webform, by direct email, walk-ins or via phone.

7.2 For bookings of 24 guests or fewer, we suggest booking through our website or booking through our reservation’s platform SevenRooms.

8 Event Details 

8.1 Having the correct details is an important component of creating a seamless experience with Oche.

8.2 The Oche booking team will send you a follow up email to determine final requirements for your booking 10 - 14 days before your booking.

8.3 All details must be returned in writing no later than 7 days before your booking.

9 Guest Numbers

9.1 We understand at times it can be a challenge to confirm guest numbers for your event, however, the more accurate you can be with your guest count, the easier the booking process due to the limited capacity in the venue and our booking and refunds procedure.

9.2 If you are unsure, we recommend providing us with your minimum confirmed number of guests to start and adjusting as we get closer to your event.

10 Dietary Requirements

10.1 Please allow a minimum of 3 days’ notice for dietary requirements.

10.2 Our menu items include options for gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan.

10.3 Additionally, we can cater for a variety of other dietary requirements with prior notice.

11 Food & Beverage Packages and Pre-orders

11.1 To ensure we provide you with the best experience, we recommend selecting one of our food packages for your guests.

11.2 If a food pre-order has been confirmed, full payment is required.

11.3 Should you decide to “pre-order” your food instead of opting for a food package, please note we prepare specially to meet your request and may be unable to facilitate changes close to the booking date.

12 Bookings

12.1 Bookings for Oche venues are considered tentative until the agreed booking deposit has been received through the SevenRooms payment link. This acts as confirmation and acceptance of our booking terms and conditions.

12.2 To confirm a booking, we require a full booking payment for any food, beverage or game components being requested.

12.3 While we do our best to accommodate changes, due to limited capacity in our venue and booths, there are some circumstances where we are simply not able to accommodate an increase in guests particularly during peak and busy seasons.

13 Payments

13.1 Cashless Venue

  • Please note Oche Australia operates cashless venues

  • Cash is not accepted

 13.2 Accepted payment methods; 

Accepted payment methods;

  • Payment can be made prior to your booking via the payment link provided in your booking communication

  • Debit cards attached to bank accounts

  • Credit cards – example, Visa, Mastercard

  • Pre-paid or reloadable credit/ debit cards – example: cards that can be purchased from a retail store

Not accepted payment methods;

  • Money orders, cash or cash equivalents

  • Paypal

13.3 Surcharge on Public Holidays 

  • A surcharge of 15% applies on public holidays.

  • A 1.5% card processing fee applies to ALL payments made online, in-venue or with our booking team

13.4 Booking Deposit 

For this contract, “Booking Deposit” refers to any pre-payment made to secure a space within our venue. Oche reserves the right to adjust pricing of games, food, or beverage from time to time.

If this occurs after non-payment of a “booking deposit”, the new request will be charged at the adjusted cost.

13.5 Game Play (Darts and SHUFL) 

We require the full gaming component of Darts and SHUFL to be paid in accordance with the confirmed booking details.

We allocate the required number of darts booths in accordance with the number of guests attending.

We recommend providing us with your minimum confirmed number of guests.

Please be mindful of our limited capacity. In some circumstances we may not be able to accommodate an increase in guest numbers 7 or more days from your booking date.

13.6 Exclusive Use and Private Spaces 

For exclusive use / private spaces we require:

  • 50% payment of quoted minimum spend, and

  • 100% payment of any quoted gameplay

Payment is via our secure payment link from our reservation platform.

13.7 Final Payment 

We require final payment for any minimum spend 7 days prior to your booking date. Our booking team will facilitate this final payment through our reservation platform, Sevenrooms.

Where a minimum spend is required, any shortfall of the minimum spend will be charged as "room hire".

14 Bookings with Increased Guest Numbers on Arrival 

14.1 We suggest providing us your final confirmed number of guests 7 days prior to your booking so we can accommodate your booking to the best of our ability.

14.2 Due to the limitations on the number of dart booths at our Oche venues, we cannot guarantee dart play being available for any unforeseen increase in the number of guests in attendance.

14.3 Additional guests added when you arrive at the venue will be charged at a walk-in rate of game play compared to the pre-booked price.

14.4 We provide discounted rates for booking online or through our reservations team prior to your booking.

15 Rescheduling or postponing your booking

15.1 Rescheduling or postponing bookings can be made via email through [email protected] 

15.2 The notice period for request; 

  • 48 hours or more for groups under 24 guests

  • 72 hours or more for groups of 25+ guests

15.3 A request to reschedule or postpone requires a new booking date to be confirmed. 

15.4 Requests with no date will have up to 90 days to complete their event or may be deemed as a cancellation. We will do our best to accommodate requests to reschedule bookings, however, please note that changes to bookings may be subject to; 

  • Periodic price increases and/ or 

  • The seasonal minimum spends requirement and fluctuations.  

16 Cancelling your booking 

16.1 Cancellations must be received in writing via email [email protected]

16.2 Cancellation refunds will be refunded via the original payment method.

16.3 A request is deemed as a cancellation, where there is no intention of rescheduling the booking

16.4 Cancellation of bookings in Oche Booths 

Notice Period prior to confirmed booking time;

14+ Days; will be refunded the full amount pre-paid.

7-13 days; will forfeit the booking deposit made towards the gaming component of your booking and the remaining total will be refunded

3 – 6 Days; will forfeit the food and gaming component of the booking deposit

0 – 48 Hours; without postponement (Claus 15) the pre- payment will be forfeited in full, to recover pre-arranged products and services organised at the expense of Oche.

16.5 Cancellation of bookings in Exclusive Use /Private Space

Notice Period prior to confirmed booking time:

8+ Days; When cancellation is requested 8 days or more in advance of your booking date (in writing), we will provide a refund on the 50% booking deposit made to confirm the space.

Less than 7 days; Cancellation occurring within 7 days of your booking will forfeit the 50% booking deposit paid to secure your booking.

17 No Shows

17.1 A no show is defined as; 

  • A person who reserves space but neither uses, postpones or cancels the reservation

  • A person who buys a ticket but not does not attend

  • A person who is expected, who does not show up

  • A failure to show up

17.2 A no show can be;

  • the entire group booking

  • or part of the booking, should the party turn up with less guests/ players than they confirmed and prepaid for

17.3 In line with our cancellation clause, Oche assigns “no show” status to a booking who;

  • fails to cancel/postpone their booking in writing via [email protected] more than 48 hours prior to their booking time, and/ or

  • fails to check in for their confirmed booking

17.4 Like most ticketed events, in the situation where part of, or all, a booking is deemed a no show, we are unable to re-distribute deposits or provide refunds as these will be used to cover the costs Oche has incurred in preparation for your booking. 

18 Bump in & Bump Out 

18.1 Prior set-up for any event must be pre-arranged and confirmed within an allocated time slot by the venue.

18.2 Set-up time is not guaranteed for all events held; however, we will do our best to support reasonable requests.

18.3 Normal times are 10:00am to 12:00pm Monday to Saturday for daytime events and 3:00pm to 5:00pm Monday to Sunday (for night-time events).

18.4 Anything not provided by Oche must be removed at the conclusion of your event.

18.5 Property must be removed immediately after the conclusion of the event including all gifts, equipment and any other items that have been brought onto or had been delivered for the event.

18.6 Oche is not responsible for any loss or damage to gifts, equipment, and items whilst they are left on the premises.

18.7 Any gifts of alcohol must be given to management for collection at the end of an event.

18.8 Whilst we do our best to locate the lawful owner of property found or left behind. Items that are left without being collected will be disposed of or donated to charity within a 30-day period.

19 Game Play Timings 

19.1 Our bookings are based on game play durations.

19.2 We advise guests to arrive 5-15 minutes prior to their reservation time. This allows us time to get your group set up in your Oche booth.

19.3 If we are unable to start your booking on time due to factors out of our level of control, we will ensure you still receive your booked game play time.

19.4 We will endeavour to support your booking the best we can, however, bookings that start late due to guest late arrival, etc, may have a reduced game play duration during peak and high seasons.

19.5 Oche does not take any responsibility for circumstances outside of our control, that may affect your event e.g. weather.

20 Security

20.1 Due to regulations under the Liquor Act 1992 and in accordance with RSA Guidelines, Oche venues provide security for our regular days of operation.

20.2 For private events outside of our regular days of operation or larger than 100 guests, it may be necessary to employ security staff for the purpose of maintaining the safety of your guests and our RSA obligations. Under these circumstances, this charge will be added to your invoice, payable by the guest prior to your event.

21 COVID-19 

21.1 Oche Australia follows all government recommended safety and hygiene practices.

21.2 Should you and your guests experience COVID symptoms or need to reschedule/ cancel your booking owing to COVID – please see our rescheduling and cancelling clauses for guidelines.

21.3 In the event, the local State Government enforces Oche venues to close due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will comply with any mandated rules and regulations and contact you as soon as reasonably possible to reschedule your booking.

22 Disputes 

22.1 Oche aims to provide a social gaming experience like no other. Our frontline team aims to deliver an unforgettable experience for all our guests. Therefore, we kindly request any disputes are sent through to [email protected] relating to Oche’s terms and conditions. Any disputes within our venue, relating to the terms and conditions agreed upon, will be referred to the above email contact for further correspondence. A member from our National Support Office will contact you directly to discuss your concerns.

Allergen Disclaimer 

Please be aware that the Shufl silicone sand used on our shuffleboards contains walnut products. If you have an allergy, please inform a member of staff or ask for more information.