You miss 100% of the shots you don't take

Enjoy a social game of classic darts digitized to entertain everyone from beginners to professionals. Simply a game with no losers.

A Closer Look at our Games



The rules are easy peasy - the first player to go from 201 points to zero (and we mean exactly zero) takes it all!

High Striker

Get a better score than the previous player or loose one life. When all your biceps are gone you’re out. Last player standing wins the game.


Hit your assigned target to get a shield. Get three shields and become a killer with a sword, then knock out your opponents! Last player standing is crowned the winner.


Accuracy and luck is the name of the game! Score the most points through 9 rounds and you'll be named the winner. But if you don't hit the mark, the axe will come down hard - chopping your score in half!


A good aim is important in darts, but in Shanghai it’s essential. This game is all about getting the highest score at the end of 7 rounds. To win, you must hit the number presented each round. Round 1, number 1. Round 2, number 2. You get the drill. But to get the instant winning Shanghai, you must hit a single, double AND triple in just one round! Easy-peasy.

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